Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Fashion

Ok, so I'm in the process of opening a store, hence why I've not posted anything new. However I had a little down time so I thought I'd get in a quick post before I open the store soon. Anywho, I wanted to showcase a few things I've found lately. The dress I am wearing is the latest release from Cupcakes. It comes in four different colour options and each one has several different colour combos. Right now each one is marked at 150L. The Witch hat that I've paired with this dress is currently a 10L hunt item at House Of Munster and it includes the hair (long version that you see). I'm not a big fan of sculpted long hair but I love this hat and hair! The hat is colour change as well as the hair. The bag that is shown in the picture is one of the lucky board gifts from :Sey:. Whisper Despres Tped me into the store to change the board for her and this is what I won. now I know it's a crime for me to say this but I'm also not a huge fan of bags in SL but I do make exceptions and this bad is certainly one of those exceptions! Now, the jewelry I have on, Necklace, Bracelet and mouth Piercings, can all be found at Otaku. I have been looking for nice facial piercings for a long time until I came across this store. I absolutely love Otaku, the jewelry is fantastic the tattoos are adorable and everything is reasonably priced. The Necklace and bracelet set is one of many things you can purchase with tokens from the Deader than you tour that is currently going on in SL! How it works is you buy selected items from participating stores and those items will have a certain number of tokens that you can use to buy, specially made for this event,items at any participating stores. The one I have shown is the Orange and Black version of the beaded necklace sets from Otkau. But you better hurry because this event ends on the 31st and those items will not be out again!

House of Munster and Tiny Bird





Nightshade Designs (former MM gift but I think they are on sale too)

A.D.D Andel! (my store!)

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