Friday, December 25, 2009

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone. I'm sorry there haven't been many posts lately, Rl has taken a somewhat bad turn so I'm not on as much as I would like to be. Anywho, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday. Merry Christmas.

<3 Andel Rhiadra


Photohud: Prue's (only there for a limited time...and does not include brown frame)
Pandas: Pink Fuel
Elf ears: Plastik
Tree: My shop!
Sweater: AOHARU
Hair: Magika
Skin: Plastic Flowers
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Warm and Cozy! Sleek and Sexy!

So, I'm sorry I haven't posted things in a while. I came down with a stomach virus that knocked me on my bum and I just didn't feel like it then. Anywho, I've got a few new things for you guys today, some skins, some winter and formal fashion as well as a freebie from me!

Up first I've got some skins, the first set is a new tone in the beautiful line called Mia from Idiosyncrasy, they've been released at the current Skin Fair. These stunning skins have 6 yummy make up options, not all shown, and one base makeup! There is also a special edition makeup/tone at the Idiosyncrasy fair location that benefits the Care organization! Stop in there and check it out.

Other Items:
Hair: Donna Flora
Jewlery: Donna Flora
Eyelashes: Glow Studio
Eyes: Poetic Colour Eyes (Blue Autumn...freebies.)

Up next I've decided to show you a few of the new makeups for the Elizabeth line from Blowpop Studios. There are soooo many makeup options there was just no way I could show them all here, but they are all gorgeous! Demos are free so go try them!
Other Items:
Hair: Donna Flora
Jewlery: Donna Flora
Eyelashes: Glow Studio
Eyes: Poetic Colour Eyes (Blue Autumn...freebies)

I've been meaning to blog some more semi-warm outfits lately so I've picked two that I've been wearing off and on. The first one is a combination of Cupcakes clothing and Puddles accessories. The pin stripe pants and the brown sweater are from Cupcakes; the scarf, belt, bracelet and bag are from Puddles that also happen to be some of the latest dollarbies there. To finish off the outfit I've paired it all with some of my favourite boots from Tesla shoes and one of my favourite hair styles from Maitreya.Other Items:
Skin: Le Mode (hurry though, that skin line is being retired soon!)
Background: my place

Below is an outfit that I've worn more often lately, partly because I like the jacket design so much, I've never seen one like this before. It's got that tailored look with an edge to it, very classy yet still modern. The jacket and pin stripe pants are both from Cupcakes and the adorable black pumps are from Pixel Mode.

Other items:
Hair: Donna Flora
Skin: Blowpop
Background: Theater skybox from Sanu
Pose: Me!

Aaaand last but not least, I wanted to throw this dress in just because I love it. Here it is, it's pretty, sexy and from Cupcakes so....go get it. <3
Other Items:
Hair: Donna Flora
Skin: Blowpop
Background: Theater skybox from Sanu
Pose: Me!........again.

OH AND, I have set this little chair out at the Cupcakes sim at my store there. It's free, fall coloured, and free. Get it here!

Other items:
Hair: Donna Flora
Skin: Blowpop
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Background: Theatre skybox from Sanu
Dress: Ingenu What's New Sl group gift
Pose: Me....aaagain

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Fashion

Ok, so I'm in the process of opening a store, hence why I've not posted anything new. However I had a little down time so I thought I'd get in a quick post before I open the store soon. Anywho, I wanted to showcase a few things I've found lately. The dress I am wearing is the latest release from Cupcakes. It comes in four different colour options and each one has several different colour combos. Right now each one is marked at 150L. The Witch hat that I've paired with this dress is currently a 10L hunt item at House Of Munster and it includes the hair (long version that you see). I'm not a big fan of sculpted long hair but I love this hat and hair! The hat is colour change as well as the hair. The bag that is shown in the picture is one of the lucky board gifts from :Sey:. Whisper Despres Tped me into the store to change the board for her and this is what I won. now I know it's a crime for me to say this but I'm also not a huge fan of bags in SL but I do make exceptions and this bad is certainly one of those exceptions! Now, the jewelry I have on, Necklace, Bracelet and mouth Piercings, can all be found at Otaku. I have been looking for nice facial piercings for a long time until I came across this store. I absolutely love Otaku, the jewelry is fantastic the tattoos are adorable and everything is reasonably priced. The Necklace and bracelet set is one of many things you can purchase with tokens from the Deader than you tour that is currently going on in SL! How it works is you buy selected items from participating stores and those items will have a certain number of tokens that you can use to buy, specially made for this event,items at any participating stores. The one I have shown is the Orange and Black version of the beaded necklace sets from Otkau. But you better hurry because this event ends on the 31st and those items will not be out again!

House of Munster and Tiny Bird





Nightshade Designs (former MM gift but I think they are on sale too)

A.D.D Andel! (my store!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hokay, so. My RL birthday was on the 5th of this month. I know a lot of people don't get too excited about their birthday anymore, especially when they hit the late 20's. Me, however, I do. I look forward to my birthday actually; It's in October, which is my favourite month, it's in the fall, which is my favourite season, and it's near halloween! You can't get much better than that...unless you're born around Christmas. Anyway, I got some awesome gifts this year from some of my good friends here in SL. They were such wonderful gifts that I wanted to share them and give credit to those who gave them to me. So I thought what better way to say thank you than a blog post! (The post will be short and less formal because we are doing some work on our house in RL so things are kinda busy here and I'm tired.)
Dress: Katatonik (Snow Bunny Dress in green) I buy a dress from her every year on my RL bday, for myself. I've wanted this dress since the day it came out!

Cupcake: Sanu gave it to me, not sure if she sells them.

Skin: Atomic (Faith skin line.) Fallacy, of FD Decor got them for me. I love them!

Hair:From Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum

I almost fell off my chair when Sanu (Of Sanu)sent this to me. I have wanted this set from her store since the day it came out but could never afford it. I LOVE IT. It comes with like 96y894574 different options and it ticks!!!! But hurry there are only 15 left! (I've only shown one Necklace and one earring option, and I've shown the necklace open)

Hair: From Helena Stringer of TSM:The Stringer Mausoleum. She sent me all of the hair and in so many colours. They are gorgeous!

Left to right: Ruined Ballet, Sacrifice, Cog Mistress, HooDoo, and Mane of Glory

Skin: Atomic

Undies: Blowpop. (Yvette set in black)

Skin /eyes: from PXL my friend Foe bought me this one since I am also a closet WoW bish. And since these skins are inspired by the Night Elf race I just haaad to have them. The eyes were given to me by Hart Larsson, he's so sweet and makes beautiful skins! The eyes are called Fate and are for sale! Skin is called Luthien.

Facial Piercings: Free from Otaku at the Halloween Fair at +++BlueBlood+++ (not sure if it's still there)

Hair:Hair that I've been wanting from House of Munster

Shoes are from Tesla (Of Tesla shoes) I Love these,they're such beautiful, basic, classy heels.

So,my friend Topaz ,of TazMania sent me some of her new skins, I think she's done a wodnerful job on them! Perfect for Halloween! They are so pretty, thank you Topaz!

Hair: HOM

Also from Miss Topaz, Of Tazmania, is this Where the Wild Things Are hoodie! She bought this for me from Tyranny Designs for my birthday! It was too cute to pass up so she purchased one too, she is so adorable in it!

On Topaz (Left):
Skin: Curio
Hair: (Style:Deena)

On me (Right)"
Skin: MotherGoose (Skin:Lucy)
Hair: (Style: Deena)

Pose: Dorkin' It from Sugar Mill.
So, Ghani dropped this dress on me too; I did a post on it here, I love this dress! It's available now at the +++BlueBlood+++ mainstore.

Hair: HOM

Skin: Cupcakes (from the new Goth skin tone)

Now, these next two items can be found at *Epic*. Jade, the owner and creator of Epic, passed me these a few days ago. She knows how much I adore fae anything! I thought these were just too cute to not throw in. Plus they're Halloween themed!

If you click the broom it gives you candy! I can't put words to this outfit, it's just adorable.
Pim Whimsy Faery outfit Halloween edition!

So super cute!
Pim Whimsy Faery outfit in Rust.

Skin: Atomic

Thank you to everyone for the gifts!

All poses (Unless otherwise stated) are from Glitterati. They are free but please if you grab them make a donation. It's for a good cause!

Also, all of the facial expressions are from the Auto Emote hud that my friend Lyanis, of Lya Shoes, sent to me! Love it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skins! Stockings! Ohmy!

Now, I've never been a big fan of fishnet stockings....until now. Annyka Bekkers, of Blowpop, just released these beautiful fishnet stockings! These are hands down the best fishnet stockings I have ever seen. They are all hand drawn,the seams are well....non-existent, the shading is to die for and the colours are just beautiful! They come in 12 different colours, I think I've shown them all, and in two different styles: Thigh High and Tights. Which also come in ripped and non-ripped and lace thigh Highs or plain thigh highs. And, also, they all have a 'vintage seam' version, which is a seam up the back of the leg. (personal favourite)

Single pair: 175L
4 Pair: 495L
Demo: 0L
I've shown all the versions below.Plain, ripped thigh highs.
Colours: Orange, Burgandy, Black

Plain, non-ripped thigh highs.
Colours: Cranberry, Purple, Nude

Lace: ripped and non-ripped thigh highs.
Colours: Red, Pink, Pearl, Navy

Tights: ripped, non-ripped
Colours: Green and Cranberry

I've included the side view of one of the tights so that you can see the non-existent clothing layer seams on the side! You can also see the 'seam' up the back of the leg. These are the 'seamed' version of the tights.

Undies! Also, the undies shown are from BlowPop: Her Yvette line.
Up next I have some new Skin Fair skins to show you from Lazolli! I absolutely love these skins. This skin line shown is called Keira, I haven't shown all the makeups, just a few that are available! They are on sale now at the Skin Fair for 999L for each and they do include the shape for that skin (not shown).

Stockings: Blowpop

Skin: Lazolli at her Skin Fair booth.

Credits for first picture:
Hair: Friend made it, not avalible.
Jacket: Edo Japan 0L
Shorts: Paper Doll (closed?)
Skin: Keira by Lazolli
Stockings: Blowpop
Shoes: Tesla
Eyes: Poetic Colours in Blue Autumn 0L
Locatoin: Nomos

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So, Fall is finally here and I'm super excited. I LOVE this time of year, the weather, the colours, the halloween decor! Love it! So, naturally, I've decorated my home with some new halloween goodies from FD Decor!

First up, I've got a sneak peek at an upcoming Lucky Chair item! It's got several poses to choose from, it's low prim and a must for anyone who loves Halloween as much as I do!

Now, the next few items are not free but all are at low prices and most of them are low prim. The pumpkin pictured below can be found either in the Halloween section or by the door. (the table is from -Milk Hall- Fairs Attic: -MHFA-)

This next item is something I've put in my small forest, it seats four and you can switch between the fire being "on" or "off", lots of poses AND if you click on the rocks around the fire it will give you a stick with a marshmallow on it so you can have tasty roasted marshmallows! AND! Yes,'s only 7prims! It does not get any better than that....

Now, I know not everyone is into rats but I happen to love them. I've got two little baby boy rats in RL so when I was browsing around FD Decor and saw these little babies I bought a pack. They are each one prim and all but one have a squeaking sound to them. The one in the very back of the picture that looks like it's laying down is a dead one but...I prefer to think of it as sleeping...soundly. There are also some that move around the floor also with the squeaking sound, those are sold separately.

And what is a modern haunted house without a static ridden television? This little gem is low prim, inexpensive and scripted so you can turn it off. Love it.Halloween is not complete without the Cauldron! Everyone needs one! This particular one comes in two colours, red and green,which are sold separately.They're also sold in two different versions, scripted and non-scripted. The scripted version gives you the stirring stick and the non-scripted has the stick already in the cauldron for decor purposes. (yes my dress is flame retardant. Dress is from Evie's Closet, her latest release and the hair is from House Of Munster.)

And something extra! This adorable little Wicked Witch bunny can be found at Sanu in the Lucky Chair! Also, the hair I have on is one of her latest releases.
(Shirt is from slx:
here. Skin: Laqorki)
Halloween Items: FD Decor

Witch Bunny: Sanu

Skin: Laqroki

Dress: Evie's Closet

Table: -MHFA-

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I hate wisdom teeth..

I meant to get this post out sooner but I had some surgery to get my wisdom teeth cut out that went now I'm dealing with a bad infection. So, this post will be short. (Excuse the poor picture quality. I changed viewers and now the 'saved' pictures are not saving right. I'm working on it.)

I've got two stores to show a few things from, the first is a store called Puddles which sells acessories: shoes, purses, belts, scarves and bracelets. Right now there is a 5L sale going on, everything in the store is marked down to 5L! However, the things I am showing you here is actually a small preview as to what is going to be released soon. Currently there are only shoes and purses in the store. The first item up is one of the scarves that will be sold starting next week, hopefully Wednesday. I got a few other colours but the Chocolate colour was my favourite. (btw the scarf has little silver studs in the middle of it but for some reason they are not showing on this pic.)

In this next picture I've picked one of the belts I've got and one of the bangles I picked up. Now, I am honestly not one to wear any accessories such as these but I've actually been wearing these a lot lately. The Belt will sell for 100L and the bangle will sell for 50L. That's not bad!

Now the next two pictures and their outfits are primarily from a little store that actually just re-opened called Indie Rose. A friend of mine introduced me to this store right before it closed down a while back. I was really glad to hear that it's been opened up again! The dress on the left is a group gift from the store. Join the group and check notices! Be sure to stay in though, she often sends out gifties! There is also a pair of super cute ankle boots in there (not shown and to be blogged at a later date) and a skin! The outfit on the right can be found in the store and are very inexpensive! Perfect if you're on a budget. Shirt comes in many different textures and the pants come in different colours. Each sold separately. Both pairs of shoes and bag are from Puddles.

These next two dresses can be found at Indie Rose toward the back of the store. They were really inexpensive! I don't normally like to wear empire waist dresses but I really like these. The skin I'm wearing is also from Indie Rose.
All the hair is from House of Munster which has now closed. When/if she opens another shop I'll let you know.