Thursday, October 1, 2009

Skins! Stockings! Ohmy!

Now, I've never been a big fan of fishnet stockings....until now. Annyka Bekkers, of Blowpop, just released these beautiful fishnet stockings! These are hands down the best fishnet stockings I have ever seen. They are all hand drawn,the seams are well....non-existent, the shading is to die for and the colours are just beautiful! They come in 12 different colours, I think I've shown them all, and in two different styles: Thigh High and Tights. Which also come in ripped and non-ripped and lace thigh Highs or plain thigh highs. And, also, they all have a 'vintage seam' version, which is a seam up the back of the leg. (personal favourite)

Single pair: 175L
4 Pair: 495L
Demo: 0L
I've shown all the versions below.Plain, ripped thigh highs.
Colours: Orange, Burgandy, Black

Plain, non-ripped thigh highs.
Colours: Cranberry, Purple, Nude

Lace: ripped and non-ripped thigh highs.
Colours: Red, Pink, Pearl, Navy

Tights: ripped, non-ripped
Colours: Green and Cranberry

I've included the side view of one of the tights so that you can see the non-existent clothing layer seams on the side! You can also see the 'seam' up the back of the leg. These are the 'seamed' version of the tights.

Undies! Also, the undies shown are from BlowPop: Her Yvette line.
Up next I have some new Skin Fair skins to show you from Lazolli! I absolutely love these skins. This skin line shown is called Keira, I haven't shown all the makeups, just a few that are available! They are on sale now at the Skin Fair for 999L for each and they do include the shape for that skin (not shown).

Stockings: Blowpop

Skin: Lazolli at her Skin Fair booth.

Credits for first picture:
Hair: Friend made it, not avalible.
Jacket: Edo Japan 0L
Shorts: Paper Doll (closed?)
Skin: Keira by Lazolli
Stockings: Blowpop
Shoes: Tesla
Eyes: Poetic Colours in Blue Autumn 0L
Locatoin: Nomos

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